| 11.04.2019

Somm-antic Drift

In 2005, Scott Ota began his career in restaurants to help pay for college. It is now 2021 and he has never left ‘the business.’ From fine-dining, to hotels, to wine bars, sharing his love for wine and hospitality has been a mission for many years. As of 2016, he is now the General Manager & Beverage Director for High Street Wine Co in San Antonio, TX.

Scott’s accolades include the following: Somms Under Fire champion 2013, TEXSOM champion 2013, Rudd Scholar at his CMS advanced exam 2014, named one of Wine & Spirits Magazine’s ‘Best New Sommeliers’ 2014, TopSomm national finalist in 2016 and named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s ‘Tastemakers to Revolutionize the Business’ in 2018.

In 2021, Scott continues the mission to make High Street Wine Co a top wine experience in the country. His mantra: be humble, be hospitable, drink well, and have fun!