| 16.04.2021

Somm-antic Drift

Sabrina’s interest in wine originally started with her family, her father is from Mexico and immigrated to the USA when he was young and used to work with his family in vineyards and other forms of agriculture. As she grew older she decided to work in restaurants and fell in love with wine. It wasn’t until she met her current wine director at Maverick Texas Brasserie a few years ago and he inspired her to get more educated and certified with CMSA which happened in 2018.

After applying for and getting her first sommelier job at Signature Restaurant in 2019 her husband also got a job promotion at the same time which lead her family to move to the Boulder Colorado area. She worked polishing glasses and running food at Frasca Food and Wine for a period of time. Ultimately, she ended up back in her hometown of San Antonio and after this rough period of shutdowns, job losses because of Covid she hopes to get back to her wine education plans.

She is due to take her Advanced Course this summer and continue to study to take her Advanced exam when time allows. For the future she hopes to keep progressing through the court and help/mentor others who have an interest in wine. She also has interest in learning more about the retail side of wine and has interest in owning her own business.