| 18.04.2021

Somm-antic Drift

Sommelier Nadine Brown was born and raised in Jamaica and Puerto Rico. She came to the states to pursue a degree in social worker. After working with children for a number of years she later moved to D.C. She started in the industry as a hostess at a new French restaurant opening on Capitol Hill. Today Nadine sits on the Board of the Restaurant Association that represent Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Nadine first came to wine by reading and found the history of wine fascinated and took her first wine captain course to help her be a better manager. She has worked as a Sommelier, Captain, and managing partner to name of few.

Today Nadine is a twenty three year veteran of the Washington Area restaurant industry. She spent over 14 years at Charlie Palmer Steak as their Wine Director and Sommelier. She is a two-time winner of the Rammy’s Wine Program of the year for the region. Her palette won her the title of rising star from Star Chef in the summer of 2006. Nadine is a proud board member of a new nonprofit called the Verasion Project. The Verasion Project is tasked with fostering more opportunities for BIPOC individuals, through grants, mentorship and master classes. Nadine holds certifications from both the CMS and WSET. Founder of At Your Service LLC, wine tastings, wine education and consulting. She is a mother of two, Estelle and Emerson.