| 24.04.2021

Somm-antic Drift

A first-generation American, Martin has held influential roles in many sectors of the wine industry since 2002: wine director, importer, educator, international judge, award-winning winemaker, and writer. His wine story began with an over-indulgent Parisian dinner as a Stanford undergrad; soon after he was stocking shelves at his local wine shop. In 2011, Martin became the principal buyer for national wine club programs including The New York Times, Food & Wine Magazine, Williams-Sonoma-Wine, and was named one of Wine Enthusiast’s Top Forty under Forty Tastemakers in 2015. After working harvest at Solomon Undhof in 2016, he took over production for Sonoma-based Peter Paul Wines, a role he continues to this day.
In 2018, Martin became the first Master of Wine of Mexican descent and founded Reyes Wine Group LLC, a multidisciplinary wine consultancy with a growing specialization in climate action. That same year, he launched Reyes Selections, a small East Coast portfolio culled from his years as an international buyer. In 2020, Martin co-founded Wine Unify, an organization that increases and empowers the presence of underrepresented communities in wine through education funding and mentorship. Martin’s work has been featured in, American Association of Wine Economists, and Napa Valley Viticultural Society’s Annual Journal. During his spare time, Martin teaches WSET courses, judges at various international competitions, attempts to become fluent in a fifth language, and unfortunately for his family and dinner guests, has become an avid purveyor of dad humor.