| 11.04.2019

Somm-antic Drift


Katelyn Peil began working in the wine trade in 2007 after being inspired by the beverage industry when she decided to defer entry to graduate school to take some time to travel throughout the world. Travels to multiple wine regions inspired her to see the cultural aspect of wine and shifted her focus of wine being a product to being a liquid art form that should be the center point to share with good food, good friends and good experiences. She studied with the International Sommelier Guild and became certified with the Court of Master Sommelier program. The beverage industry excites her because it is rooted so much in history but is simultaneously focused on progression. She is constantly learning something new every day, and is not only interested in the knowledge of wine, but is also driven to learn the business side of running a profitable beverage program. She has been running multiple independent locations for Seattle based Heavy Restaurant Group for over a decade and was named Seattle Magazine’s2017 Sommelier of the Year.