| 28.02.2024

Somm-antic Drift

Jessica Waugh is the founder and owner of JWaugh Education and NeuroSips™, a platform dedicated to assisting students in unlocking their learning potential. The focus is on identifying individual learning styles, harnessing unique strengths, and fostering authenticity. Established in 2020, JWaugh Education initially served as a resource for those preparing for beverage certification exams. Since 2023, Jessica has expanded the scope to provide learning style and neurodivergency coaching, aiming to support students in successfully navigating various beverage exams. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, Jessica accumulated a decade of experience as a sommelier on the Las Vegas Strip. She later held the position of Director of Education at Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits for six years. Jessica’s expertise extends to passing a multitude of certification exams, reflecting her dedication to the craft. Motivated by a desire to share practical insights on effective study techniques and personalized learning, Jessica Waugh strives to guide others on their educational journeys. Her commitment lies in helping individuals discover their strengths and achieve success in their academic pursuits. Jessica’s story is one of genuine passion, knowledge, and a sincere commitment to enhancing the learning experience for all.