| 18.04.2021

Somm-antic Drift

Hi guys, I’ve been in the scene since 2001. I started as the youngest captain at Nana Restaurant as the youngest 5 star Captain in Dallas, Texas. I left to become cellarmaster/manager at Steel Restaurant where I grew out list to over 1300 selections with Bordeaux back to the 1945 Mouton, Année de la Victoire…I went full on Steakhouse from there, Capitol Grill, Fleming’s, Ocean Prime, then landed at Pappas Bros Steakhouse as a sommelier under Barbara Werley, MS. I did a brief stint with Harwood Hospitality in Dallas, after which I landed at Dallas Oishii Restaurant as General Manager and Sommelier.

I’ve since opened two restaurants for our group and have two more to open this year. I look at wine as adding to the beauty in the world we live, and find my passion exposing people to the amazing dedication my contemporaries and peers have provided over the last fifty years. It’s our job to educate, but also to continue our unwavering passion for service, wine, food, and a joie de vivre that our community continues to exude and define. We’re barely beginning. I’m honored to be selected for this incredible group. Let’s share some wine already! I’ve sat the Advanced Course with the CMS Americas and intend on finishing my WSET 3 this fall. The learning never stops.