| 24.04.2021

Somm-antic Drift

Former United States Marine, Black woman vintner and co-founder of Salt and Pepper Wine, Cheramie Law is a woman on a mission to share the beauty of Texas wine with the world. Raised in Sherman, Texas, and with a successful career as a Data Management Specialist in the railway industry, Cheramie has been advocating for Texas wine since 2014. What began as a first date to Fredericksburg with now-fiancé Todd Aho for wine tasting in 2013, has forged into a partnership in wine and life. This partnership is celebrated with the launch of the Cheramie Wine brand.

Cheramie’s vision is simple: “My hope is to inspire those who don’t see themselves represented in the wine industry and to show them there’s a seat at the table for them. So pull up a chair and raise your glass, because wine doesn’t have to be so serious. We’re here to have some fun! “