| 11.04.2019

Somm-antic Drift


Discovered my love for wine working in a family owned Italian restaurant in my hometown of Saratoga Springs NY my last year of high school. I began to self study the world of wine by picking the brains of the professionals around me., I then attended the International Culinary Center, 2016 in Manhattan where I passed my Certified exam.
In 2017 relocated to Dallas to work with HARWOOD Hospitality Group as a Wine Director, curating wine programs for multiple new concepts. In 2019 I began to study with WSET, in January of 2020 I received my WSET 3 Certification in Wine and became a certified educator through the WSET organization. In November 2020, I was blessed with the opportunity to switch gears and begin working in retail as the General Manager/Sommelier at Pogo’s Wine & Spirits where I continue to study with both CMS and WSET organizations.