Thank you to all of the industry professionals from across the country who volunteered for TEXSOM.

It is a special type of wine professional that volunteers at TEXSOM. Our team exemplifies the goals of the conference with professionalism, high standards, eagerness to learn, willingness to contribute, and most of all, camaraderie. There is a special sense of self-worth, work ethic, and a strong sense of integrity that can only be gained by being in the trenches with your fellow volunteers. It is truly the professionalism, dedication and willingness of our team members that makes it possible for us to host the most successful sommelier gathering in the world. No other wine event has such an enthusiastic and hard-working group of top wine professionals collaborating to bring a superior experience to attendees.

We look forward to seeing you next year for early days and late nights, many world-class beverages, and superior educational opportunities!

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