Most Selective Competition in the United States Sets the Gold Standard

- Wine Industry Advisor, March 18, 2019

The event brings top tasters from across the planet together to judge global wines. It’s one of my favorite events of the year as the way the tasting panels are designed is a hugely educational experience and the caliber of tasters in the room is mind boggling. There is no other event that brings together such a high concentration of distinguished wine professionals from all aspects of the wine industry. It’s one of those events where essentially every person that walks by stirs a jolt of recognition and high regard for what they’ve accomplished in their careers.

- Elaine Chukan Brown, Wakawaka Wine Reviews, February 22, 2017

I appreciate the fact that IWA brings in judges from different countries with different perspectives and who have worked in the wine industry in a number of different fields.

- Leon Cikota, the Vice President of Fine Wine for Republic National Distributing Company

From a producer’s perspective, actually receiving an award for a wine at IWA is very prestigious—and frustrating when you don’t medal! But having the opportunity to sit at the judge’s table this year really confirmed this for me. Every judge I sat with would professionally review, thoughtfully discuss, and thoroughly examine the wine flights as a panel. It was really eye-opening.

- Jason Centanni, Winemaker, Llano Estacado, Texas Monthly, April 30, 2018

The TEXSOM International Wine Awards is the preeminent wine competition in the United States. IWA continues to assemble a panel of judges that is unmatched anywhere. Industry leaders, including many Master Sommeliers and Masters of Wine, judge an array of high-quality wines from around the world over the course of three days. Receiving a medal of any kind at IWA is a boon to suppliers and distributors alike; mentioning it to sommeliers and buyers makes the already great wines that much more attractive.

- Andrew McNamara, MS, Chair Emeritus, Court of Master Sommeliers – Americas Vice President of Wine Development/ Master Sommelier, Breakthru Beverage

TEXSOM IWA has been critical in building awareness for Greek wine from the recognition garnered by ratings from world’s top opinion makers, as well as the exposure within the sommelier community that TEXSOM allows.

- Sofia Perpera, Director, Greek Wine Bureau – North America, Wines of Greece

Between sommelier, wine reviews, or award medals, you just have to know where to look. Fortunately for Texas—and the rest of the world—IWA is a well-vetted resource for wine professional, enthusiast, or amateur alike.

- Jessica Dupuy, Texas Monthly, April 30, 2018

People ask whether they should enter wines in this competition? My answer is “Yes, this is THE competition that you should enter in the United States.” The diversity of palates, the talent of judges, and the level of respect the group holds collectively around the globe is unparalleled.

- Catherine Miles, Senior VP, Creative & Marketing Director, Broadbent Selections


TEXSOM Awards brings the industry together to identify and champion beverages of quality and distinction from around the world, invests in brand-building for all award-winners, and creates additional avenues to market and exposure through the extensive sommelier and beverage industry network of TEXSOM entities: The TEXSOM Conference, TEXSOM Retreat, TEXSOM Sommer Camp, and SOMMELIER, a TEXSOM publication.

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