TEXSOM is the most prominent and influential professional beverage education and training conference in the United States and has been recognized as one of the most important wine events in the world. Founded in 2005, TEXSOM was started by Master Sommeliers James Tidwell and Drew Hendricks to help promote professional wine service standards, outline paths for further wine education and certification, and raise public awareness about the professional standards and certifications for sommeliers. Today the conference draws a total of 1,100 attendees, of which 900 are sommeliers and other beverage industry professionals. In addition, TEXSOM is honored to offer the four most esteemed beverage education and certification bodies as presenting sponsors; Guild of Sommeliers, Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine and Spirit Education Trust and Society of Wine Educators.
  • “TEXSOM is the single greatest sommelier-oriented conference that exists today. Period. It attracts an astonishing array of leaders from all aspects of the beverage industry as presenters, participants and sponsors. The focus is truly on the role of the sommelier in the world of beverage alcohol, and no one does it better.”

    Andrew McNamara MS
    Chairman, Court of Master Sommeliers - Americas


  • “TEXSOM provides nourishing, high-level content that is up-to-date and relevant to wine and spirits industry professionals. It does this more successfully than any other industry conference that I have attended recently, and its success is largely down to the great care that the organisers put into selected topics and speakers.”

    Antony Moss MW
    Director of Strategic Planning, WSET


  • “You might not expect that Texas would be the location for America's top event for wine professionals, but at this point I think it's the standard. I don't see any other events aimed at professionals that can have as much impact on the market as TEXSOM.”

    Geoff Kruth, MS, Chief Operating Officer, Guild of Sommeliers


  • “I love TEXSOM. It is a terrific event. It isn't just that it allows participants to be a part of a vibrant wine scene of its own, it is also that TEXSOM helped found and connect that scene. It is a significant event for anyone who wants to understand the full potential of the American wine market.”

    Levi Dalton
    Host, I’ll Drink to That! Podcast Editor, Eater New York


  • “We enjoyed our TEXSOM experience enormously, what a super great event! What I liked a lot is the professionalism of the organisation and the seminars all wrapped up in great friendship and humor. This event is fabulous in many ways. It is well organized and very professionally run. The seminars are all well prepared and very informative. A huge thank you to all the organizers who work hard to make this event so special and unique in the fine wine world.”

    Jean Trimbach, Proprietor, Maison Trimbach